Current UK homes are not fit for the modern world and will be even less fit in the future

Current UK homes are not fit for the modern world and will be even less fit in the future

According to a 2014 study, UK homes have less space than in any other European country and are being branded “Shoebox” houses. The average house size in the UK is 76 square metres while in Ireland (87..7 square metres), Germany (109.2 square metres), The Netherlands (115.5 square metres) and Denmark (137 square metres). The UK Government is not doing enough to ensure houses are big enough for the modern world.

A new report from Demos and AXA found UK houses are not kept up to date with the modern world and are not fit for the future.

According to Demos and AXA “More than a third (34%) think new homes built today will not be fit for purpose in thirty years’ time. Drawing on demographic, economic and technological forecasting, it also finds that significant changes are have to be made to the home if we are to respond to the challenges Britain faces in 2040.”

Future Homes “calls for an end to the ‘numbers game’ on housing policy. This demands a new focus on building zero -carbon homes that are fit for multigenerational families.”

The UK Government need to put schemes in place to make UK houses more Eco-Environmentally friendly, there also needs to be a call on the Government to convert current homes to eco-homes such as putting solar panels on roofs.

Any new homes need to be built with more space in them, need to be build to an Eco-Environmentally friendly standard, need to be built for generations ahead.

People are expressing concerns that they feel crammed into their homes with no space to put things such as fridges, freezers, dishwashers, computers, things which people use more and more in a modern world.

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