Third Parties

Political Parties

UK Labour Party – A political party which is for the many, not the few

Co-operative Party = The Co-operative party is the party of the UK’s co-operative movement, committed to building a society in where power and wealth are shared.

UK Green Party

News Media

DDN (Double Down News) – DDN support the people, not the powerful few billionaires.

Research & Analytics

Demos – Demos is a champion of people, ideas, and democracy.

WRAP – WRAP’s vision is a world in which resources are used sustainably.

Opinium – Opinium help their clients harness the power of insight to build, grow, promote and make strategic business decisions.

The Trussell Trust – The aim of The Trussell Trust is to end hunger and poverty in the UK

Cartesian – Cartesian is a specialist consulting firm of industry experts focused on the global telecommunications, media, and technology industries.

Renewable Energy

GMCR (Greater Manchester Community Renewables) – GMCR is a community benefit society, set up and run by volunteers to install community-owned renewable energy across Greater Manchester.

Peel Energy – Peel Energy is at the forefront of delivering secure affordable and clean power for the UK.

Real-Estate & Infrastructure Investment

Peel Group – The Peel Group is a family-owned investment enterprise, supporting the creation of sustainable growth.

Ocean Gateway

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